Catshill Baptist Church


If you have already been attending CBC for a few months and wish to explore membership further please speak to Simon or one of the Leadership Team.

Once you have applied, two members of the Leadership Team will meet with you for an interview which gives us the opportunity to hear your story of faith and also for you to get to know them. The time spent together will also include looking at how you can best be involved in service within CBC.

All new members are approved by the Church Meeting. Those who visit you will bring a short account of the interview and a recommendation to the Church. Depending on where you have come from in your Christian life, your approval may be based on Christian experience or a letter of transfer from another Baptist Church where you have been a member.

We welcome new members during a communion service. This is traditionally where we will offer you ‘the right hand of fellowship’, illustrating the new bond we now share with you. We also take this opportunity to pray with you as you begin the next phase of your spiritual life as part of our family.