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Home for Good

Home for Good is a charity dedicated to finding a home for every child who needs one by co-ordinating and resourcing a rapidly growing network of people, churches and local movements across the UK who are raising awareness of the needs of vulnerable children and young people, inspiring individuals to explore fostering and adoption and equipping churches to understand and support.

In 2017, Catshill Baptist Church became a Home for Good church, promoting, supporting and encouraging those who foster and adopt and their families.

Supporting those who foster or adopt in our church

As a Home for Good church we commit to offer pastoral care and support to those within our congregation who foster or adopt and to their children.  This can come in many ways, be it a listening ear, practical help, or prayerful support in another ways.

Supporting those who foster or adopt in our community

On Monday mornings during term-time between 9am and 11am, we hold a Coffee Morning in the church specifically for parents who foster or adopt.  This enables parents to come together, to share, unwind, or simply to be, in a safe and friendly environment.  The timing is aimed to follow school drop offs, but we also provide facilities for babies and toddlers to be catered for as their parents sit and chat.

In addition, we organize several gatherings each year, particularly during school holiday times, where families with fostered or adopted children can meet together in a safe environment.  Whether it be a local park picnic, or an organized fun day at the church, we aim to meet in places where parents can relax and share together, and their children can play together.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about our commitment to work with those who foster or adopt, then please get in touch with the church or see Andy at the church who oversees this area of church life.