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Meet the Team

Rev Simon Gudger – Minister

Catshill Baptist Minister - Simon Gudger

Simon came to Catshill in 2016 after serving for 10 years as Minister of Kidderminster Baptist Church, Franche Road.  He is married to Louise and has identical twin boys, Luke & Ben and a daughter, Faith.

Simon is passionate about nurturing healthy churches, seeing them grow in Christ and grow together.

He is also passionate about Leicester City and continues to bask in their Premier League win of 2016.

Rev Mark Timmins – Associate Minister

Mark arrived at Catshill with his wife Angela in November 2015, having spent 10 years in Thailand, planting churches. He returned to the UK and was Minister of Brandhall Baptist Church for 18yrs, before returning to Thailand for 2yrs to train Thai leaders.

Equipping and supporting church members is an overriding passion to ensure there is a healthy platform for God to do what only He can do through His church.

Mark and Angela have two married sons, Simon and Philip, and five grandchildren. So hobbies consist of whatever keeps him laughing with them, and then lying down in a dark room when they all go home!

Pastoral Spiritual Team

Catshill Baptist Pastoral Spiritual Team

This team oversees the enabling of the church to deepen their relationship with God and to grow closely to each other, through prayer and Bible study, both pastorally and spiritually.

Rev Mark Timmins, our Associate Minister, serves on the Leadership Team and works with Jeanette, Joan and Sheena in overseeing house-groups, pastoral care and the prayer life within the church.

Hospitality Team

This team ensures the smooth building of relationships within the church and to make any transition of change as easy and painless for as many people as possible.

Jayne works with Joe and Mo in overseeing regular Church Meals, Newcomer’s Meals, and Roast Dinners for those who would be without.

The team also oversees social gatherings within church life and enables opportunities for different church groups to come together throughout the year too.

Catshill Baptist Hospitality Team

Children & Youth Team

Catshill Baptist Children and Youth Team

This team oversees the spiritual and emotional growth of our children and young people with both God and the wider church and community, and equips them with Biblical perspectives in amongst the other voices of 21st century culture.

Laura and Jayne oversee the church’s work on a Sunday with children and youth, Midweek gatherings of different groups along with any other activities throughout the year with these age groups.

Mission & Evangelism Team

This team aims to inspire, promote, to raise confidence and passion, and to enable the church to immerse itself in God’s call to reach out in mission both locally and globally.

Andy, our Church Secretary, and works with Stu and Ron to oversee missionary organisations in the church such as our Food-bank, coffee mornings and craft groups.

It also ensures that faith introductory evangelism is going on through breakfasts, guest speaker evenings, and courses such as Alpha.

Finally it oversees our commitment to global mission too.

Catshill Baptist Mission and Evangelism Team

Church Function Team

This team aids the smooth, safe and compliant running of all areas of church life, enabling the church to worship more effectively.

Mike, our Compliance and Facilities Manager and Mark, our Church Treasurer, work with Mary, Daniel and Paul to oversee that all church policies are up to date and followed, and that the church building is maintained to a high standard.

The group also have oversight of all church media functions, premises hire and overall finance.

Catshill Baptist Church - Function Team